Comfort Town

6 560 apartments

The residential complex “Comfort Town”

5,500 apartments

_________ sq. m

3,800 m2 supermarket

3,800 m2 sport complex

40 hectares of enclosed and guarded territory

Back in 2010, Comfort Town was an ambitious project of turning 40 hectares of land into a closed type residential complex with developed infrastructure. An unprecedently unique and complicated project for Ukraine and Kyiv at that time. The residential-complex with closed and guarded territory, play and sport grounds, sport complex, kindergarten, shops and commercial facilities has become home to over 10,000 people.[AL1]  As of 2019, Comfort Town is the biggest residential complex in Ukraine. This project was implemented with the help of investments attracted by Valprim Asset Management.  It has provided a decent ROI for investors and created the basis for the emergence of new class of estate in Ukraine – “comfort class”.